Hello! I'm so glad you found my website, let's get acquainted. I'm an over 50 "young" wife to the most amazing man, mother to 2 beautiful daughters and step-mom to 2 amazing kids. I put God first and everything else falls in line. I adore cats and all animals, oceans and mountains, coffee, chocolate and of course...essential oily goodness! I believe in living a balance life. What does that mean to me? I currently work in a very large medical practice so I believe there is a time and place for traditional western medicine. But, I also believe that we can take responsibility for our lives and support our bodies, both mental/emotional/physical, with good food-good habits-supplementation and essential oils. I have chosen doTERRA products because I believe in them, they work for me in amazing ways. In my humble opinion, doTERRA's oils are the most safest, effective and purest you can get your hands on.